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Brussels: How to do even more SEO on your own pages?
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Saturday, 21 November 2009 16:35



We are currently implementing even more serious SEO enhancements on the European Affairs web services site www.webdialogue.eu. Realising that the traffic was not strong enough we have implemented web pages of much more condenced search engine friendly content. That means first of all more text per page, so that www.Google.com and others find our sites more relevant to searchers - instead of many pages with little content, which is hard for search engines to display to users.


Then of cause we are looking into making much more link buidling on our pages. That means links from our sites to the external web, and links between our pages internally, and links to anchors on the very same page. All this is stuff that Google loves, so of cause we please them.


Then we focus on increasing the number and quality of selected keyword and key phrase themes on our pages. As you might know search engines measure, index and count the way you use words on your pages. The more you use business relevant niche keyword and key phrases on your site - the bigger chance of high search position in your particular business niche.

This effort of cause has to be reflected in the way you write your meta tags.


Part of this work is also to write alt texts to your images. And we could go on with lots more ideas.


Any This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ? Or maybe you need help with your pages...



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Web visibility within European Affairs...


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I want to thank you again for your efforts in this, as a result, the number of visitors to my website has increased extensively.

- Gregory Goossens, Attorney, Fiscuriosa, November 2009


You are doing a great job!

- Christian Hald Buhl, Strategy Manager, SPOT ON DENMARK, September 2009


We checked our website and IT WORKED! It comes up on top of the Google search. Could you now please be so kind as to do the same for our other website? Many thanks.

- Monika Derecque, Director,
European Association of Pharmaceutical Full-line Wholesalers,
August 2008

Niels Bramsen from WebDialogue has done excellent work for us in sizable projects creating user guides, and making our web pages much more readable. He has a great eye for page layout and good editorial skills in English, with much creative flair. WebDialogue has also been a diligent, dependable and careful business partner, and we already have further projects WebDialogue will be involved with.

- Richard Foster, Managing Director,
EuroBrussels Limited, August 2007

Being a part of the network of Niels Bramsen in Brussels I would like to underline his excellent skills in creative business thinking, deep knowledge of the field of interactive media, professional understanding of web-design and his strong capabilities within the field of corporate communication. Apart from this he pays deep respect and loyalty to whatever project he is related to.

- Peter Munch-Madsen, Political Consultant,
Impact Brussels, December 2006

Excellent article on SEO, I like it very much and am happy to buy.

- Maryke Hanneman,
Editor of The Brussels Connection, June 2008

Niels Bramsen from WebDialogue has excellent communication skills, is very creative in business matters and hard working. Niels is the best teacher I ever had. Thanks to him I have learned lot, thank you so much.

-Hasnaa Bnouhachem, Marketing and Database Analyst,
Casaxe, November 2008

As a long-time colleague and friend, I know Niels Bramsen as a hard-working and clear eyed strategist. He has no problem making bold choices and is a thrilling thinker. No conversation with him is dull.

- Lars Andreas Pedersen, Screenwriter of several Danish movies and freelance copywriter at Wibroe, Duckert & Partners,
June 2006

Thanks a lot for the articles. It’s immensely exiting reading.

- Pierre Collignon, Editor of Insight Section of Jyllands-Posten,
Danish paper, May 2006



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