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Social Media for organisations

Brand new social media software that surely will interest you...



Like buttons in all new posts on on your site
Our script automatically adds an individual Facebook "Like" button to each new post (or in your list overview) in your CMS. When ever you create/post a new post in your site a Like button appears.


  • When people click "I like" the number of Likes increases in your web page
  • The liked post is shared on the person's Facebook wall to all his/her friends
  • Very few sites do this - you will stand out

We access your CMS and implements for 300 €




Social media aggregator on your Facebook wall:
Reduce your manual updates on your Facebook wall. Our new software automatically posts feeds to your wall (either from RSS, other Facebook status, tweets or other feeds).


  • Spend less time updating your wall
  • Have more active and interesting wall
  • Sync all your social media and blogs
  • Frequent updating
  • Intuitive interface for customisation


Have up to 12 different feeds into your wall for 250 € (then 100 € per six months - to cover server hosting)




Poll software for Facebook pages
Create and publish as many polls as you want on your Facebook page. This is a great tool to get in closer contact with your audience. Makes your facebook page stand out from the crowd.

  • No limitations
  • All new polls go to your wall and your poll page
  • Looks beautiful and in line with Facebook
  • Comments, Like and Sharing buttons
  • Intuitive interface for customisation
  • Try it here: www.facebook.com/WebDialogue

We implement poll and login for you for 190 € (then 90€ per six months - to cover server hosting)




Finally we also do webshops in Facebook:


  • See this shop that we can implement for you
  • Contact for more info on this






Social Media for organisations


Many good websites are currently far from spreading their great web content to the full potential. There is a bigger audience waiting if you let us spread the word for you.

With social media you can increase traffic, you can engage in closer dialogue with clients and audiences and you can promote, test and market your services or brand.


What we do for you:


Social media analysis WebDialogue helps you with social media management

Feed your Social media

Sharing tools on your site

YouTube Optimisation

Social Media Damage Control

Social Media integration









Successful Social Media Damage Control



















Analysis and vision for your social networking


  • Social media are getting more and more interconnected in a large chain of users, marketing, sharing and influencing
  • Social media tools can enhance your online profiling to much bigger masses
  • They can get you so ready for your coming events and activities
  • We help you design this complementary pamphlet of networks
  • We are in regular contact with the support departments of social networks, search engines and online marketing companies to keep updating our understanding of optimised social media use
  • Likewise we follow professional discussion groups in many medias to stay abreast of latest trends and evolutions


Examples of what we achieve:

  • Supporters to your Facebook page will increase
  • Number of removed friendships to the page will go down
  • Number of unique views in your Facebook page will increase








Social media profiles & feed


We will create/optimise official and credible profiles for you, for example in:

  • Facebook profile, page and group [social network for private users]
  • LinkedIn company profile and group [social network for professional users]
  • Twitter [micro blogging]
  • StumbleUpon [recommendation network]
  • Digg [a sharing network like facebook]
  • WordPress [a blog engine]
  • Blogger [a blog engine, part of Google]
  • More to come, ask us


Yes. We are aware that this predominantly American networks. But surpricingly few corresponding European networks exist, and these networks do help your website get great ranking in search engines. Therefor it is a good idea to promote yourself here.
Obviously you get all login credentials so that you can continue (or change or deactivate) the profiles as you wish in all future, if you get tired of WebDialogue.



Now. We will manage a continuous pulsating feed of news/articles/press releases/videos/teasers in these networks. All the great content that you have on your sites will be posted systematically and frequently in these services to appear in multiple locations and combinations. This brings more traffic, more users, more visibility and influence. Therefore we can reach set goals of users/followers.
(Recommendation: You should primarily focus on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and use the rest as pure ranking tools.)


Example of goals to reach by the end of a set time frame:

  • Facebook profile: 250 friends
  • Facebook page: 400 fans
  • Facebook group: 100 members
  • LinkedIn company profile: X employees
  • LinkedIn group: 150 members
  • StumbleUpon: 200 views
  • Twitter: 400 followers
  • Digg: 250 Dugg
  • WordPress: 250 total views
  • Blogger: 250 total views

(These numbers of members/followers etc. might seem modest and unambitious. But it is a lot of work to produce all this, get started and actually get it to work. Once it really works, we know which networks to focus on, and then we (you) can set much higher goals. We'd rather surprise with positive results than with negative.)









Social sharing tools to implement on your site


We will develop various solutions to make the content of your web pages much more integrated with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other netwotks. This will initiate a viral effect to reach more users, partners etc.


  • Advice on how to quickly put loads of sharing tools into your content pages
  • Advice on how to further develop you YouTube channel(s) into more coherent communication with the rest of your online presence and to enhance its presence
  • Advice on how to make videos and polls a central element in your facebook presence
  • Recommendation on how to use LinkedIn's many options to expose your actitivities to LinkedIn's professional audiences









YouTube Optimisation


WebDialogue to create or perhaps optimise your YouTube Channel for more traffic and interactivity


Examples of what we do for you:

  • Use good tags appropriately on each of your videos - otherwise they don't link to YouTube's system
  • Enable and display user comments on your channel to increase dialogue with audience
  • Use "playlists" to categorise your videos in nice sections
  • Use "Quicklists", "Favorits" and "History" to invite users to see more videos
  • Enable "Active Sharing"
  • Use "Ratings Box" to invite people to understand/use ratings on your channel
  • Other efforts to display and promote your videos in YouTube



WebDialogue promotes your YouTube channel in your Facebook pages. We will make your YouTube friends and subscribers increase and we will create increased view in the channel. Number of unique users will increase.


Examples of what we do for you:

  • Add video tabs in the your facebook pages and profiles
  • Upload all your videos to your facebook page, and regularly promote them on it's wall
  • Join 20 biggest relevant groups in Facebook and discreetly and regularly share/embed your videos as "infotainment"
  • Use your facebook page's Info and Boxes tabs to promote videos massively
  • Other efforts to display and link from Facebook into your youtube videos








Successful Social Media Damage Control


You never know when your brand or services might get negative press

When it happens don’t put your head in the sand. It’s not about “if” something will happen; it’s about “when.” In this transparent, authentic and real-time world, expect a hiccup to occur. Be prepared.


We will dress you with a tailor made social media damage control kit.

  • Respond quickly with a consistent message
  • Educate employees on proper messaging
  • Develop a Crisis Strategy










Social Media integration


Strategy for social media network integration of your online interaction with audience

How to manage gradual integration of networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, Digg, Facebook, WordPress, Jigsaw or others in your online outreach to your audience - whether existing or potential readers, clients, members etc.


To develop a full featured portal and community (with thousands of active user profiles) is extremely costly and time consuming. This should only be done in partnership with several other comparable companies, or in partnership with an existing social network community. Which most likely compromises your business strategy. Therefore WebDialogue recommends a learning-by-doing approach with strict evaluation timelines.


Step one - to last eight weeks

  • Identify relevant social networks for audience enhancement (to be gradually expanded based on frequent evaluations)
  • Creation and extensive development of a credible company profile in each of these networks
  • Simple posting of news, info, updates and tips in these networks to display pro-activity and see effects
  • Systematic gathering of growing database of individual profiles and "evangelists"

WebDialogue will produce "script" for how your consultants (or WebDialogue) should implement these actions into your daily operations


Step two – to last four months

  • Research of niche discussion groups (e.g. in LinkedIn) of the most technically advanced soutions (probably recruitment agency websites in California, UK or Scandinavia)
  • Selection of most valuable networks (upon evaluations) for intensified or dismissed continuation
  • Assign dedicated resources for technical and business integration of selected networks with your current working processes
  • Experiment with application, hiring, pre-interviews etc. in external platforms (the social networks)
  • Research on how to link your site with selected networks for seamless user-friendliness
  • Gradual integration and evaluation of new social networks in your pamphlet of platforms
  • Research possibility of technical consolidation with other comparable companies for development of shared technical solution
  • Research of country/language challenges

WebDialogue will participate in technical and trend analysis evaluation and research with external consultants

Step three – to last two years

  • Thorough evaluation of previous two steps to reach valid conclusions
  • Strategic partnership either with similar companies or with a social network community for establishment of exclusive and full featured "community"

WebDialogue does not have skills for this process and recommend using a big four consultancy for this.


(Recommendation: Three steps of testing and development process above should be of only one website language and country in order to secure valid conclusions.)




Web visibility within European Affairs...


Your online communication is crucial

WebDialogue is specialist at displaying your European Affairs messages and service to the world - and that's online.
It’s inexpensive and fun!


Don't just get a website
- get web visibility